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Telephone Reference Service

Phone:   (253) 292-2001
TTY:       (253) 317-4712

Hours: Main Library's open hours

Tacoma Public Library's telephone reference service can be your first stop for reference information.  If you would like to know if the Library owns a certain book, need a fact looked up, or have a question on any subject, call Telephone Reference.  The staff can answer two short fact questions or search for up to five minutes.  If a question needs more research it will be turned over to the proper department for a call back.

Telephone Reference can also reserve books, change email addresses and answer questions about your account.

Some recent questions have been:
· Who held the major league baseball record for career hits before Babe Ruth?
· How many grams are there in a kilogram?
· When does daylight savings day end?
· What is the telephone number for the Detroit Free Press?
· What is the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean?

Last Updated 22.01.2012
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